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Never Ending Asia, in collaboration with Yoga in Thailandia, offers the unique opportunity to practice Yoga in Italian or English language in magical places like those that only the Land of Smiles can do.

Our services are designed for all those who want to take a break from modern society and practice Yoga and meditation, for those who are already on holiday in Thailand and want to disconnect for a few days or for those who want to leave but do not know how to organize themselves at best.

Periodically we offer retreats with a specific program in Chiang Mai, at a Shala where you can enjoy the surrounding nature, the silence and spend the night comfortably. During the Yoga retreats we can organize for you guided tours to get to know the local cultures and traditions.

We also offer a "Yoga On The Road", a Yoga holiday that includes several trips among the wild nature, mountains and waterfalls of this wonderful country. A program to get lost and to find yourself, to find the pleasure of the little things that the hectic world has put aside.


Tailor Made Yoga Retreats

Never Ending Asia is at your service to organize personalized workshops and retreats. You've been dreaming of a Yoga holiday for a long time but for different reasons and commitments you can't organize yourself with the proposed dates? Alone or with friends, ask for a quote for a Yoga retreat tailor made for you.

Private Yoga Lessons

We organize for you private classes, half day or a full day Yoga in the wilderness of the North of Thailand.


The everyday hectic life fills man with thoughts and stress, aggravating him with paranoia and depression. Meditation is an individual practice that uses different techniques, such as concentration on a point or a fixed element, mindfullnes with the aim of achieving inner peace. Thanks to professionals in the field, we offer dedicated programs to give you the first tools to start this long and lonely path. Our staff will put at your service simple relaxation techniques and Yoga as a physical practice to get to know your body.

Retreats for Yoga schools and associations
We are available to teachers or schools who want to leave from their country but do not know how to organize themselves and how to contact the right structure. We can organize the whole trip, using the best facilities and the best teachers.

Holistic travels and wellness

Getting lost and then finding yourself again, bringing home inner peace as a souvenir, the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. Through yoga, meditation, massage, aromatherapy and reiki, you can take a journey into your soul.

With Never Ending Asia you have the unique opportunity to experience a different dimension, leaving your comfort zone you will discover that there is much more.


Thank you for contacting us, we will respond as soon as possible!

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