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Never Ending Asia Ltd. is an inbound tour operator based in Bangkok, specialized in offering to customers exclusive, high-quality tourism services and also tailor-made products to fully meet the needs and wills of every traveller.

NEA Management has 35 years of experience in tourism and travel-related matters in South-East Asia and other areas of the world, with a particular focus on Thailand and Indochina.


We provide classic standard itineraries as well as off-the-beaten-track tours with a view to discover the most hidden and authentic places. Still, even for standard tours, we are proud to always offer something unusual that can makes your travel experience unforgettable and unique.   
We know our territory in depth and we always give a dedicated service, taking care of every small detail throughout the trip.   
For this reason, we can create a package that can satisfy every kind of request, from the most precise, sophisticated and elegant ones to budget tours.


Our planning allows customers to choose their favourite hotel style and category: Luxury, informal or boutique, classic or modern. All accommodation resorts are regularly checked by our staff to constantly monitor the hotel quality as well as restaurant standards.    

This is the best way to offer to each traveller the oriental charm and atmosphere as well as the best value for money, always maintaining the high standard of our tour guides, both during overland tours and excursions. Our restaurant selection during trips guarantees ideal solutions in exclusive settings.

For overland and day tours, we use modern and comfortable vans, usually Toyota Hiace Commuter D4D 11-seater minivans (9 participants + guide and driver) or Mercedes Benz minivans.

Our local tour guides are regularly registered with TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and equipped with experience, professionalism and reliability to provide a high-quality service with discretion and flexibility at all times.

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